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Elevate your Media Intelligence

Seamlessly curate, analyze, and leverage news and social media insights for impactful advocacy and mobilization all in a matter of minutes.

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Key Features

Leverage news and social media insights

Automated News and Newsletter Ingestion

Chorus AI can ingest and organize newsletters and updates, streamlining information flow.

News Roundups and Brief Creation

Create and share briefs or roundups with team members, supporting internal alignment and strategy.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor social media for trending posts, conversations, and emerging narratives, aiding in real-time strategic adjustments.

Content Transformation

Chorus AI's media intelligence surfaces insights that can be turned into advocacy and mobilization content, or used for generating analyses and summaries relevant to specific campaigns or issue areas.


Supercharge your digital communications

Turn your solo act into a full ensemble. Chorus AI is your partner in maximizing every minute, enabling you to do what you do best—making a difference.

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